miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Feed a hungry child

I came to land on this web (TheFreeDictionary.com) and after not having found the meaning of an expression I was searching for, I saw this link "define a word".
I thought it might be some kind of wiki, so I clicked and found myself here. I had a look round the place and found out what it was all about.
As defined in the page: Farlex, Inc., in partnership with the World Food Program's school feeding program, has pledged to donate a school lunch for every two definitions approved through the Definition-of.com website."
So for every two word you define on this web page, you'll get them to donate a meal for a school child.
Now I am going to get this banner up in my blog side-bar so you can enter whenever you want to define anything you come along with:

Define a word feed a hungry child!

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