domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Sofia Jannok - Irene

I came to know this fantastic singer just about a month ago. And what a discovery! I can really recommend anyone to hear some of her songs. Apparently she is from a place called Gällivare, which is up towards the northmost of Sweden. You can imagine the cold winters up there, so near to the Artic Circle!
Anyways, she was singing since her early years, and has come to get the recognition she deserves. She is a yoiker, she sings in a Sami musical style. This kind of singing sounds very spiritual and can be related to nature and the feelings connected to it. The language is Sami, from the Sami people who live in the Nordic regions of northern Europe.
Now I wanted to post one of her songs, and I have decided to post this one (I love it), it's from her 2009 album Áššogáttis, meaning "By the Embers":

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