lunes, 26 de enero de 2009


So is it one persons' move that will change the world? I wont be the one who answers that question directly, leastwise not for the time being (it needs at least a moment’s thought). But anyway, what I am really sure of is that if each and every person makes something each day to ameliorate their world, this will undoubtedly make our world a better place to live in. And there is why I could say that one person can make the difference. An ordinary person, with a fair education and average amount of personality, can surely prove him or herself useful to society. But education and personality are not everything in life, due to the fact that we also have other important things to share. Living as a community can show them all necessary.

But nowadays, our society is not prepared to face a sudden change. I hope we all agree that any change is sudden enough, taking into account the way some countries are struggling to survive, and the amount of ongoing conflicts (some of which the West has forgotten) that some nations are suffering.

Facing the facts from another point of view, we could find some solutions to such things as hunger, poverty, illiteracy, war, grim and unsanitary conditions… We are in a global crisis. Governments all through the rich hemisphere are spending thousands of millions to save banks and other companies from bankruptcy. These same thousands of millions could change the whole world if spent on other priorities. They could save many lives and make real changes where it is truly necessary.

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